The Pedagogical Continuity Plan (PCP) is the set of institutional actions to continue the learning process in those situations where on-site classes are fully or partially infeasible. It is made of various study modalities that will be followed in line with the institutional philosophy, to ensure the delivery of pedagogical content and stimuli of each school grade/year. The PCP contemplates the delivery of virtual synchronous classes (videoconferences with teachers), combined with asynchronous activities especially planned to exercise and delve into the subjects taught (activities and homework with various deadlines, debate triggers, group work, reading, work on special booklets and other additional proposals); all of these are extracurricular learning activities. This is all supported with the resources, platforms, and tools that our staff members have implemented in order to educate pupils both in subject learning and in developing their analytical and critical thinking skills. The Headmistress’ Office, jointly with each section Office and the Guidance team shall decide, based on the existing regulation, the facilities and resources available and the pedagogical judgement, on the modalities to be implemented in case on-site classes cannot be delivered with all pupils present in the classroom. It is worth mentioning that to have a successful PCP, it is fundamental to have the essential support of parents, who shall provide the pedagogical and technological tools and the proper spaces necessary to develop e-learning, if that is the case. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, or health care emergencies, where the school fails to deliver lessons in-situ, the Headmistress’ Office has the right to establish an emergency action regime that contemplates the best available strategies upon her judgement, to ensure the pedagogical continuity of our Educational Project.