It is common knowledge that sports are essential for our physical, psychic, mental and social development. Sports constitute an entertaining way of learning values and lessons that last a life time.

Our school’s philosophy embraces sports not as a tool but as an end in itself. We believe results matter, but they are not crucial; we believe in joint participation, regardless of the required technical skills for each discipline. We encourage social and open sports with a main focus on team work and joint problem-solving, where all students play an important role.

UHS along with other school members take part in all the activities organised by the Liga Deportiva Estudiantil (L.I.D.E. – Students Sports League). We also host and are invited to various sports activities with schools which do not belong to the league. Our goal is to strengthen and emphasise the spirit of camaraderie in our students, therefore having a better grasp and understanding of the environment, while bonding with other educational institutions.

Our school offers a wide variety of sports throughout the year depending on the student´s current course. Those in Kinder 5 and first graders enjoy swimming practice, tennis (following Gustavo ‘Guga’ Kuerten´s pedagogical guidelines), handball, basketball and volleyball.

Athletics, rugby, soccer and field hockey are among our main sports and are practiced all year long.  We enhance and increase the set of activities in a playful manner, starting from second grade.

The rules applied to inter-school rugby have been adapted and underscore team work, inclusion (everybody can play it since it mostly requires the use of hands) and overcoming any fears to physical contact. This is a contact sport; however we create the appropriate environment for a safe practice. Rugby forges values for life, generating good friendship, autonomy and the possibility of decision-making, among others.

Our school is also embarked on the “Nature Life” Project from Kinder 5 to Senior 3. We organise camp trips to Pilar, Chascomús, Tandil, Ostende as a sports exchange programme, and to Mendoza, as a graduates´ trip.

Camp trips and tours -besides leisure time and fun-  are all about developing skills, capabilities and attitude, which build the students’ holistic training: autonomy, effort, personal organisation, time management, solidarity, responsibility, contact with nature, comradeship, leadership, team work, problem-solving; hence a crucial link in a child’s educational process.