Pupils who graduate from secondary school as of 2019 will obtain the official diploma “Baccalaureate with orientation in Economics and Administration with bilingual modality in English and proficiency in French.”

It is a baccalaureate specialised in Business Administration, with general and comprehensive training and important humanistic content. Its essential concept is based on the fact that each pupil can make use of self-management using knowledge from the economic sciences, regardless of the university career they choose -humanistic, business or technical-oriented. In this sense, our secondary school has a set of specialised subjects, which provide pupils with the necessary skills to plan, organise, and thus develop their own endeavours within the classroom and for life. We also carry out several activities to promote this orientation, such as the “Junior Achievement”, “Business Internships”, “Academic Talks” and “Activities with Companies” programmes.

The school encourages the development of alliances and activities with the most prestigious universities in our country and abroad.