United High School is a Bilingual, Non-religious and Co-educational Institution.


Kindergarten for children ages 1 to 5: morning/afternoon shift. 
Kinder 5: full day with Workshops in the afternoon.
Members of the World Association for Early Childhood Educators.
English bilingual education from the very beginning – Kinder 1. 
Curricular activities: plastic arts, music and physical education with specialized teachers.
Swimming lessons: from kinder 5 to 2ndgrade.
Syllabus and activities adapted to each group´s maturity level.

Primary School

English bilingual education.
International Cambridge Exams – ESOL Exams: Movers, KET Key English Test and PET Preliminary English Test. 
CP- Cambridge Primary programme: Language, Maths, Science and Global Perspectives.
Projects are planned and worked through by area of knowledge and cross-curriculum activities. 
Instructional programs in Values and Citizenship.
Curricular classes: Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Technology, Computer Studies and Chess.
Choir (from 4th to 7th grade).
Open classes – Field trips – Camps – Sports tours
1st and 2nd grade: Swimming, Gym, Track & Field, Multisport activities
2nd grade: Introductory classes: Hockey, Rugby, Track & Field, and Soccer
Grades 3rd to 6th: Hockey, Rugby, Football and Track & Field.

Secondary School

English bilingual education: International University of Cambridge Exams – AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) – AS/A Level – ICE (International Certificate of Education) – IGCSE. 
Cambridge Secondary Programme. 
French: Agreement with the Alliance Francaise: DELF Exams (S1 to S4).
Sports: Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Track & Field.
Camps. Study trips.
Education in Technology and IT.
Curricular workshops: Visual Arts, Music and Drama.
Education in Management skills.
Members of Essarp

Junior Achievement.

Career guidance and orientation.
Social Community Work.

DIPLOMA – Secondary Degree: “Baccalaureate Degree in Economics and Administration with English Bilingual modality and French competence”.

Our secondary syllabus is composed of different subject areas related to all branches of knowledge: Humanities, Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, and subject matters related to the orientation. Our secondary is designed based on the fact that UHS believes that all future professionals, regardless of the career they may pursue, shall need to have a command of several disciplines which stem from an “economics and administrative” approach, such as: Organization, Administration, Management, and Marketing skills, Procedures, Technology, Micro or Self-business projects, etc. which will enrich their professional life.

Counseling Team

Composed of three professionals. 
Counseling activities during school hours: tutoring, career guidance, assemblies, parents interviews, students ‘emotional and social well-being follow-up.

SOCIAL COMMUNITY WORK (ATS: Area De Trabajo Solidario)

Parents, students and teachers coordinate this area. 
Activities involve sponsoring underprivileged schools and assisting institutions, families and homes of underprivileged children.


Art Workshops, Gimnastics, Soccer, Taekwondo, Choir and Tennis.


Sports are practiced on weekdays at a private sports club. 
P.E. is also practiced in the school premises on a weekly basis.

Sports Leagues

Active Members of LIDE and URBA.

Weekly Schedule

Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School
Mornings 8:30 to 11:50 8:00 to 11:55 8:00 to 12:20
Afternoons 13:00 to 16:20 12:55 to 16:35 13:15 to 16:55

Late-comers / Tardiness: of up to 10 minutes shall result in a half-absence mark and arrivals subsequent to that time frame shall result in a whole absence mark. Saturday mornings are programmed for the practice of sports.

Winter And Spring Break

Winter break: in the month of July (two weeks) 
Spring break: in September (one week).


The school uniform may be purchased at “Recreouniformes” (Av. Elcano 3145) or at “College” (José Hernández 2449).

Optional services:

Transportation: this service is provided by a third party. 
Parents may hire this service assuming all responsibilities in accordance to the third-party transportation service provided. 
School Cafeteria: this service is provided by the school. Students may stay for lunch (a lunch fee will be charged) or they may bring in their own lunch box.


Building: The school occupies more than 4600 m2 in a safe and modern infrastructure, with adequate lighting, vents and heating system. It has internal and external emergency exits.
Kindergarten: Our Kindergarten has classrooms and bathrooms adapted to the needs of young children, workshop rooms, and schoolyard with playground activity games. 
Classrooms: The school has regular and special classrooms which are equipped in accordance to specific needs, Science and Computer Labs, Special classrooms for Art, Music, Drama, Multifunction Room, Assembly Hall, Library, Copying Centre and Stationery Shops. Covered playground and Gymnasium.
First Aid: The School has a room equipped with a first-aid cabinet and gurney and is affiliated with S.O.S. Emergencies services.

Science and Computer Labs.
Special classrooms for Art, Music, Drama.
Multifunction Room, Assembly Hall.
Library, Copying Center and Stationery Shops
Covered playground and Gymnasium.

Nurse´s Station: The School has a room equipped with medicine cabinet and gurney and is affiliated with S.O.S. Emergencies.