Initial interview with the Admissions Department.
Academic interview with the applicable Head Office.
Period of evaluation and feedback.
Enrolment / Registration.

The following documents must be submitted:
Copy of the Identity Card or Passport (if foreigner).
Copy of the last school report, report card, class folders and/or copybooks, communications book.

The school will contact you to arrange an academic interview with the applicable Head Office.
It is mandatory to submit previously and in a timely manner all the documentation duly requested (copies of school reports, report cards, communications book, class folders and/or copybooks).

The following documents must be submitted:
Application Form duly filled in and signed.
An educational psychological test and entry test will be conducted.
The satisfactory result in the evaluation period will be a fundamental condition for the applicant to be admitted as a pupil to United High School.
The school will contact you to inform you about the result of the evaluation.
Once the satisfactory result is notified, the registration must be formalised in less than 15 days.

After the satisfactory entry evaluation, the following must also be submitted.
Copy of Identity Card and/or passport.
Copy of birth certificate.
Copy of updated vaccination certificate.
Health file: fill in and submit to the Academic Secretariat.
Certificate of oral, visual and hearing health, including audiometry (to enter K-5 and 1st grade).
Certificate of approval of the year prior to the one applying for (for newcomers) issued by the previous school.
Original certificate of primary cycle approval (for those applying to 1st year), duly authenticated, issued by the previous institution.
Signed notification of General Fees and Administrative Considerations.
Non-debt certificate of previous institution.
For pupils who went to schools abroad: Proof of approval of the last year completed, translated, stamped and certified at the Argentine Consulate based in the country of residence, and with The Hague apostille.

Registration is paid by wire transfer or bank deposit.
The registration fee appears on the school fees form at the time of enrolment.
Payment method: cheque, bank transfer, direct debit from current account or savings account.



  • The registration can be paid at the school Administration Office, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.
  • The registration fee is the same as the monthly fee.
  • Payment method:
    1. Personal cheque in one instalment, as of August this year.
    2. Two instalments of the same amount with deferred and personal cheques until December 5 this year.