1. Value education as a vital part of their life project.

2. Gradually and responsibly participate in planning, developing and evaluating their own learning process.

3. Seek their ultimate performance, on an individual and group levels according to their skills and possibilities.

4. Master the English language, acknowledging the benefits of bilingualism.

5. Develop critical, analytical and logical-mathematical thought for knowledge-building.

6. Incorporate and use different management technologies: personal organisation, adequate time management, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, shared vision, self-demand, self-discipline, autonomy, vocation for continuous improvement.

7. Constructively incorporate their technological knowledge in accordance to the demands of the world today.

8. Respect pluralism of ideas and beliefs.

9. Respect the rules of social coexistance.

10. Consolidate institutional values, ethics, perseverance and passion as people and as members of a community as well as social awareness and solidarity.

11. Respect and value the principles, duties and rights set forth in our National Constitution.

12. Learn to respect the concept of our Homeland, its symbols, its national heroes and our history as a Nation.

13. Take commitment to Peace.

14. Take a responsible attitude towards the preservation and tapping of the world’s natural resources and ecological balance.

15. Develop positive attitudes towards caring for their physical and mental health.

16. Develop physical-motor and sport skills as well as artistic and cultural skills in general.