Educational Integrationism

Being a state-of-the-art school, we seek to shape individuals and critical and creative thinkers, capable of and willing to reflect on themselves and their actions, permanently improving their thinking processes and cognitive achievements. 

We have implemented Educational Integrationism into the academic education of both students and teachers, a pedagogical vision which incorporates a number of resources, strategies, techniques, technologies and tools developed by other human organisations throughout history, adapting to, and even generating the changes proposed by the competitive and globalised world we live in today. Students incorporate the following into their daily lives: personal organisation, time management, teamwork, and conflict settlement, shared vision, decision-making, leadership, complex thinking, empowerment, among others. Historically, the schooling system has always trailed a few feet behind other human organisations. Educational Integrationism aims at bridging the existing gap between schools and other human organisations.

“The objective of integrationist education is to professionally and methodically develop all the potential and talent which lie in each student to its maximum capacity, within a framework of positive human values, so as good persons they may become social transformers, architects of a better society, of a better world.” 
Dr. Luis Alberto Melograno Lecuna.

Its educational stance is nourished by neuroscience, cognitive science, constructivism, Management tools, multiple intelligences, complex thinking, language ontology, philosophy and values amongst other things.

Nutrients of the integrationist posture

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