Our avant-garde school seeks to educate critical and creative thinkers, who reflect on their being and doing, continuously improving their thinking processes and cognitive achievements.

Our actions assume an Integration-based approach to Education, a pedagogical vision that promotes -within the educational organisation and as part of the academic training of teachers and pupils- a great number of high-quality resources, strategies, techniques, technologies, tools, and content developed by other human organisations to continue to exist, adapting and even leading the changes posed by the competitive and globalised world we live in. Pupils acquire the habits of personal organisation, time management, teamwork, dispute settlement, shared vision, decision-making, leadership and complex thinking, empowerment, among others.

Historically, the school organisation has always lagged behind other human organisations. With the Integration-based approach to Education, we aim at bridging the gap between the school and other human endeavours.

“The objective of an integration-based education is to professionally and methodically develop the potential and talent of each pupil as much as possible, within a framework of positive human values, so that as fine human beings, they act as social transforming agents, making a better society and a better world.”  Dr. Luis Alberto Melograno Lecuna.

The pedagogical approach is implemented through drivers such as neuroscience, cognitive sciences, constructivism, Management tools, multiple intelligences, complex thinking, language ontology, philosophy and values, among others.

Drivers of an integration-based approach

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