Since 2013, our school has offered our students the unique opportunity to practise their English skills in the United Kingdom with both local and foreign people. As every year, their English level was praised! But it is more than English that they practise and learn. This unforgettable experience enables them to express themselves with confidence beyond their language skills, learn some English and Scottish history and immerse in the local way of life with the cities’ iconic historical sites, street markets and entertainment. Living and studying in the UK for two weeks provides our students with a greater understanding of culture and the world, expands their academic knowledge, triggers their curiosity, strengthens their bonds, forges new friendships and helps them to develop a sense of independence.

Once again, this year’s UHS London-Edinburgh Experience has been a success.

Once again, we slept very little and walked and did so much: London, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Once again, there was total exhaustion, sore and swollen feet, shoe pain but it was all worth it since the feeling of solidarity, of companionship, of happiness, the laughter and teasing, and a sense of accomplishment prevailed. The educational and personal gains of the UHS London-Edinburgh Experience 2023 were, yet again, unique and an invaluable life experience.